A preceding list of how technology has changed the life of the disabled 2018 and exactly how it has progressed.

Technology has frequently lent a helping hand for folks with disabilities, identify a few of them here.

Smart watches are something that has been ruling the technology world recently. It seems that just about everybody has one and that they are making lives even more stress-free and accessible. The fact is that, this has not extended to the blind, but events like WeWork Capital Ventures IPO are helping fund smart phones that can be used in braille. There are quite a few organisations that are helping fund more accessible technology such as this. This likewise has the potentiality to assist in things like special education technology lessons and as an assistive technology for special education students. The tech behind the watch enables users to read messages, social media, and even books anywhere and at any time. It does this by translating information into braille on the phone. This tool operates with six dots on four cells found on the surface of the smartwatch. These dots will rise or lower to form 4 letters in Braille at any time. It can link via the web to any smartphone and translate the text (from an email or messaging app) into braille for its holder. This will prove innovative for those who are visually impaired but want to be much more involved in the social media world and stay connected.

It can be very hard for the blind to get around everyday things because so many things are not in braille; making it close to impossible to do things like read signs or even search the expiration date on food. But particular apps are helping connect altruistic volunteers with those around the globe. The way in which apps like this work is that the person in need will video call a volunteer and then that volunteer can help the person to read messages. This proves to be exceedingly beneficial for those who will be needing it. This has been so prosperous that even companies in events like Uber Softbank IPO have been thinking of investing in it. This a is only one excellent example of computers helping the disabled.

Mobile devices may have actually end up being a typical need for everybody, including persons with ailments. But regular phones are not well equipped for the needs of men and women with limited mobility and who find it difficult to work a typical phone. This suggests that there is a market for an accessible phone that everybody can employ; this has been discussed in events like Capgemini Altran OPA. Some of the ideas behind devices like these include inventing a touch-free smartphone designed for people with disabilities. Phones like these are designed to be used with small head movements, tracked by its front-facing video camera - therefore, you can receive all the functions of a smart-phone, without even touching this device. This can really help internet accessibility for the disabled.

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